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Loctite 243 5ml

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The Loctite 243 is a medium strength thread locking adhesive. It is general purpose and suited for all metal threaded assemblies. This means you can bond stainless steel to for instance plated surfaces or aluminum.

The effect of the thread lock is that it will help prevent loosening on vibrations from riding. Although it locks the thread it is still possible to disassemble by hand.

Recenzii   (32)
Very good Serwis quick
Adrian Wozny (Luton)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
I am yet to use this product but I think all skaters should have a bottle of this especially if you are frequently changing your frames and wheels. Safety comes first =)
kaho cheung (london)
Recenzie: 4 din 5!
Mechanics (and I) have been using this for decades and still does exactly what it's meant to do.
Craig M. (Boscombe)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
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