Skate Wax for scooters

What Is Scooter Wax?

Scooter wax is the colorful blocks that you see scooter riders applying to their deck and rails. Usually made from a paraffin base, scooter grind wax smoothens rough surfaces, therefore, increasing the areas that you can slide and grind on. The wax will reduce the friction and fill in any small cracks on the surface, making it a lot easier to pull off those grinds.

How to Wax Your Scooter

To apply skate wax to your scooter simply rub some underneath your scooter deck or to the surface that you want to grind on. The best way to do this is to start by applying small amounts and then slowly add more until it feels best. Be aware to not use too much though, or you risk that your scooter will slide out under you!

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