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Scooter Shoes Are Built to Last

Riding on a scooter can be hard on your shoes, so you should have the correct footwear on before ruining your favorite pair of sneakers. There is a big overlap between scooter shoes and skate shoes. They are built to withstand high impacts when performing tricks and resist against the friction caused by griptape, which is necessary for control on the scooter or board.

What Shoes Should I Wear for Scootering?

The best scooter shoes are the ones that have a durable rubber outsole that can absorb many impacts. Pro scooter riders perform many tricks that involve getting air and landing, so the thicker flat sole of scooter shoes provides some much-needed cushioning. This also applies to kick scooters, where you have to kick with your feet regularly to keep the wheels turning.

Pro scooter shoes are also breathable and comfortable to wear, as scooter sessions can sometimes be long and intense. The materials are easily able to ventilate air, and a solid insole and padded liners make them comfy to wear.

Nothing compliments scooter shoes better than a good pair of Socks, but a nice scooter grips tapes are even cooler. Check out our collection of Pro Scooter Grip Tapes.

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