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The Jacket Is Your Cross Country Outer Layer

Cross country ski jackets, also known as Nordic ski jackets, are normally worn over a base layer, and they function as a breathable and wind-resistant outer layer. Cross country skiing requires aerobic movements that mean you are likely to breathe heavier and sweat more. As a result, the jackets are lightweight and designed to keep your body cool while skiing.

Most men's and women’s cross country ski jackets have full chest zips or ¾ chest zips. Opening and closing them helps to regulate body temperature, as well as making them easier to put on and take off.

What Kind of Cross Country Ski Jacket Should I Wear?

You need to consider your local weather conditions and how hard your body will work during your ski session. Warmer, sunny conditions would call for a light softshell cross country jacket that prioritizes breathability. The very cold ski areas require insulated cross country jackets to help your body stay warm. Hardshell cross country jackets offer great wind protection and are snow and water-resistant.

Some cross country skiers use the sport as an intense fitness workout or are training towards competitions. These athletes need to wear the lightest and most breathable jackets to help transfer heat and sweat away from the body. Jackets made from polyester and elastane with minimal insulation are a good choice in this case.

When dressing for cross country skiing, you start with the base layers. These are responsible for warmth and moisture-wicking. Check out our collection of Cross Country Underwear.

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