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Underwear / Thermals for women

When you’re heading out for a day of skiing on the mountain, thermal underwear plays a significant role in keeping you warm and dry - it’s a key element in the recipe for a successful day out on the slopes.

Most sets of thermal underwear consist of a pair of long johns and a long shirt which makes up the base layer of the ski clothing. This layer is next to your skin and its primary function is to lead sweat and moisture away from your skin, and to regulate your body temperature - ensuring you that you’re always warm and dry.


Warm and dry for a long day on the mountain

All the long underwear in this category are specially designed for women with a tighter fit, than men's thermal underwear.

The long underwear you’ll find on this site is designed to transport perspiration away from your skin, which means that thermal underwear dries much faster than “conventional cotton” and therefore reduces the risk of you getting wet and cold. We recommend choosing thermal underwear which is made from either synthetic fabric, merino wool or silk.

Some of the long underwear you’ll find in this category are even made with ribs at the knees and ankles for a nicer fit and comfort when you’re out there enjoying yourself.

Make sure that you bring a couple of extra sets of ski thermals if you are going on a ski vacation. Your long underwear will need to be washed after a few days use due to hygienic reasons - and smell.