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A Good Race BMX Headset Is Crucial For Steering

To turn the handlebar on a race BMX freely a BMX bike headset is needed. Headsets are made up of bearings, a c-ring and a top cap. Race BMX bikes are designed with either an integrated headset or a non-integrated style, however, integrated is generally more popular.

In this category, you will find all the headset components you need. Some products will come as a complete set while you can also buy individual products like spacers, bearing and compression bolts.

Maintaining Your Headset

Helping keep your BMX headset in top shape will boost its longevity and ensure optimal performance. Over time, your headset will loosen so it’s important to tighten it occasionally. What you need to do this depends on the individual headset but in most cases, a 6mm Allen key will work.

To tighten a BMX headset, start by losing your pin bolts on each side of the stem. Your stem should now be free to rotate. Next, slowly tighten your compression bolt, to remove play. Rock the handlebar front and back to test if all the play has gone. When you have removed all play, tighten the stem bolts, and you’re ready to ride. However, remember not to overtighten the headset - it should still spin easily.

If you need to make sure that you’ve got all the right tools for making adjustments to your bike, then check out our Race BMX Bike Tools.

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