Flat peak caps & Snapback hats

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Complete the Skater Look With a Skateboard Cap

A snapback cap is a must-have in any skater wardrobe. When it comes to choosing your skate caps you are spoilt for choice. All the big skating brands such as Vans, Dickies and Santa Cruz make a wide selection of stylish and comfortable caps. You can choose between the different designs of a strapback and snapbacks, or a flat peak cap. Caps are also designed with either 5 or 6 panels. This gives a different look to the caps but does not really change how it feels to wear them.

The name snapback comes from the way the cap closes - there is a plastic strap on the back where you “snap” the little buttons into place. With strapbacks, instead of buttons, there is a leather or poly strap which you use to tighten the cap as you see fit. This design means that the majority of caps are one size fits all.

Caps for the Skate Park

Having a cap is not only for looks. Your snapback hat will help protect you from the sun on those bright days and make sure that you can focus on your skating. But remember that a hat is not a substitute for a helmet. When grinding and sliding it is always recommended that you wear a Skateboard Helmet for full protection for your head.

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