Role pentru hochei pe asfalt

Roller hockey skates for both beginners and pro's

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or if you play roller hockey on a high level, we have lots of equipment that fits you and your needs.

Inline hockey is played on a dry surface, so you use roller skates instead of ice skates. The most common kind of roller hockey is played on inline skates and the 2 teams consist of 4 players and a goalie on each team.

What characterizes inline hockey skates?

Roller hockey skates (also called inline hockey skates or street hockey skates) are very similar to hockey ice skates and you use the same technique as you would if you played ice hockey. The skates in this category are all inline skates. The boots are strong and durable and at the same time, they have a great fit. Because the boots are with laces, they are adapted to the feet and that makes the fit even better. Many of the boots have a ventilation system, which is practical when you are playing sports. The frame is usually in aluminum and the wheels are pretty small with a hardness around 84A – a little lower if the wheels are for indoor use. To get more information about hockey wheels, take a look at our guide: Buying wheels for inline skates.

Which equipment do I need for inline hockey?

When you play roller hockey, you primarily need inline skates and a stick. How much safety equipment you need depends on the specific kind of roller hockey that you play. We have a wide range of equipment for inline roller hockey. You can find everything from sticks and inline skates to bearings, wheels, and oil. Take a look at our guide: Buying hockey equipment, for more information about equipment.

Besides these products, we also have goalie equipment for roller hockey. Please contact us directly if you are interested in goalie equipment, as this is not available on the website.

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