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Kiteboard Straps & Bindings

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Should I go with Kiteboard bindings and boots or should I go with kiteboard straps?

This is a question that every kiteboarder asks him or herself at some point in their kitesurfing career. This is actually a really good question, that might take some consideration to figure out since there are ups and downsides of both setups.

Kiteboarding is inspired by wakeboarding and has a lot of resemblance to this sport. But there is a dramatic difference between the pull. You might have seen a board or two on the beach with a set of wakeboard bindings and or boots mounted on them. Although many riders prefer straps, a lot of riders also is curious and moves toward the "original" setup that was inspired by wakeboarding.

If we take a look at the worlds top boarders Like Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, and Alberto Rondina we will see, that these kiteboarders use kiteboard bindings and boots.

Kiteboard bindings - a bit more difficult

Using kiteboard bindings and boots can be a bit more difficult than using kiteboard straps, but once you get past the steep learning curve, you'll be able to ride with more power and style than you ever did before.

So to sum it up: Beginners should choose kiteboarding straps until they get the feel of the basics, and if they like it - stick with it. You can easily become very skilled using kiteboard straps. When you get more experienced and maybe want to try a new setup, then kitesurf bindings and boots are worth a shot.

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