Bags Surf


Pack it all together in a paddleboard bag

Going out with your SUP board and enjoying a new destination is always the best but one thing can be quite annoying - packing.

That is why we have stocked some SUP bags, dry bags, wet bags, and surf sleeves so you can enjoy your surf experience even more.

A dry bag - a dry car

We know the feeling when you just took all your gear back in the car and tossed your wetsuit somewhere in the back.

Next thing, by the time you are home, you literally have brought the ocean with you. So a good friend here will surely be a dry bag or wet bag a.k.a. a wetsuit bag.

Use protection and put the surf sleeve on

No one wants to risk scratching and damaging "their Precious". So we got some good options for whatever ride you got to cover and keep, and to hold, forever and ever.

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