BMX Chain

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Why do you need a quality BMX chain?

The chain on a freestyle BMX bicycle is the part responsible for transferring the power from the front sprocket to the rear sprocket. In other words, the chain is an essential part of a freestyle BMX bike.

Even though you have invested in a brand new freestyle BMX bicycle, there will unquestionably be a time when the BMX bike chain needs to be replaced. Maybe when it's broken or when the time has comes for an upgrade from the standard set-up.

Half link chain vs. single speed BMX chain

When you want to replace the BMX bike chain, there is generally one big question to consider: Do you want to buy a half link chain or a single speed chain.

There are pros and cons of both types, but if the difference is to be boiled down, you can say, that half-link BMX bicycle chain makes it possible to make finer adjustments to the length of the chain than the single speed chain offers.

When it comes to durability, we recommend a half link chain for aggressive BMX bicycle riders, which usually performs tricks where the chain is exposed to hits and bruisings.

Notice: Some half link chains requires a special chain assembling tools for the adjustment. If this is the case, it will be stated in the product description.

BMX bike chain sizing

The typical width of a BMX bike chain is ⅛” width. This is also the most common chain size you find on freestyle BMX bikes. Some BMX race bikers prefer a 3/32” width. The is a very narrow chain, and therefore it also weighs less - A big focus point among some riders. Most riders prefer the standard ⅛” width BMX bike chain.

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