Roller Hockey Balls & Pucks

A puck or a street hockey ball is needed

If you want to play street or roller hockey, a puck or street hockey ball is needed. The goal can be improvised but it’s rather hard to play without anything to hit with the hockey sticks.

In this category, you will find roller hockey balls and soft pucks. There are a variety of different balls that are suitable for roller hockey, but there are big differences in weight and hardness of the different balls. This means, that no matter whether you're playing outdoors or indoors and what temperature you play in you will find a suitable street hockey ball here.

If you choose to play with a street hockey ball, you have to consider what weather you want to use it. If you are playing in very cold weather you have to choose a soft ball, but if you are going to primarily play in hot summer weather you will have to go for a very hard ball. If you play in all kinds of weather we recommend that you buy a medium-hard ball. The temperature has a big influence on how bouncy the ball will be but also determines how much the ball will stick to the underlay and your hockey stick.

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