Ski Jackets

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What Type of Ski Jacket Do I Need?

Each type of ski jacket comes with its own design and features. You can find the 3 main categories below and what to expect from them.

Hard shell Jackets

Hard shell jackets are the most popular choice of skiers and snowboarders. They are highly waterproof, windproof and lightweight due to the jacket only having a single shell layer. As there is no insulation in these jackets, a mid-layer can be worn underneath to add the necessary warmth. They are also suitable rain jackets for everyday life.

Insulated Jackets

Insulated jackets are similar to hard shell jackets, but with an insulation layer on the inside. This is great for colder temperatures or people that feel the cold more than others. These jackets are less breathable and can get very warm, especially in milder conditions.

Soft shell Jackets

Soft shell jackets are the most breathable out of these 3 categories. They are made with soft and stretchy fabric that allows moisture and air to pass through the layer. They provide a small amount of wind and water resistance and would generally require extra layers in cold conditions. They can also be used as a mid layer where are hard shell jacket is worn over the top.

Check out Mid Layers for Skiing to see more options to layer yourself properly for your next ski trip.

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