Race BMX Tubes

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Race BMX bike tyres: A narrow profile and a good grip will win you the race

When you’re out on the BMX race track it’s important to have the best traction and control possible when you’re out there accelerating and cornering. The Race BMX bike tires you’ll find in this category are designed to give you maximum speed and a great grip, so the only thing you have to worry about is to be as fast as possible.

Although race BMX bike tires are used mostly off road, the tracks are often hard-packed dirt where low rolling resistance is important. That’s also why most Race BMX tires are very narrow with a thin profile. The tread design of a Race BMX tire is often small blocky, knobbly, so that they will have a better grip on the hard packed dirt courses they race on.

The size of the race BMX bike inner tube is crucial

This is one of the parts, where you want quality. We carry brands such as Salt, Haro and Odyssey and we guarantee you that all three brands provide high-quality Race BMX bike inner tubes.

We always recommend that you bring an extra tube when you are going to the BMX race track. There is almost nothing worse than having a puncture after a few rounds and being forced to call it a day.

How do you find the right size?

It’s important that you pick a tube that fits the BMX tire in size. The tube size needed is usually stated on the side of the race BMX tire, and the size of the tubes will be stated in the specifications.

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