Free skate Gear & Accessories

In free skating you need slalom cones for practice

Freeskating is a fun way to spend time out skating. Slalom and jumping are key elements in this style, and you will be amazed of the pro skaters that fly in and out of the slalom cones at high speeds. This maneuver takes a lot of practice and skill, and if you want to train or perfect it, you should get a set of slalom cones. These are available in this freeskate accessories section.

We have a few different skate cones, but they all have that in common, that they have the perfect hardness. This means that they are soft enough to not break easily but at the same time hard enough to not get caught in cracks in the underlay.

Our most popular inline cones are from Powerslide, which comes in sets of 10, whereas you will get 20 skate cones if you choose a set from Tempish or Seba.

You will also find different frame, liners, boots, bolts, axles and buckles in this section. Most of these products are universal, but some of them might only be suitable for specific skates.If this is the case, it will be stated in the product description. Still in doubt? Don’t hesitate to give our customer service a call or just reach out via our chat-system.

Slalom cones are for both fun and competition

Once you manage to “land” your first slalom ride you will usually want to perfect the style. For some, this is the start of a yearlong travel of perfecting and adjusting their slalom technique ending out competing in events all over the world.

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