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Replacing Your BMX Tubes

BMX tubes are found on the inside of the tires, and it is the part of the wheel that holds the air. They are made with different types of strong rubber and will have a tire valve, either a Presta or Schrader valve to inflate the tube.

Due to the nature of BMX riding, the inner tubes will need to be replaced at some point. Whether you’re into freestyle or racing, you’ll know that in both disciplines the tires endure hard impacts and repetitive pressure, which will, sooner or later, lead to smaller or larger punctures. Small punctures can be fixed with a repair patch kit, but if your BMX inner tube continues to lose air pressure, it is time to buy a new tube. For guidance on how to correctly set in your inner tube, check out our short video on How to Install BMX Tires and Inner Tubes.

What BMX Tube Size Do I Need?

Simply put, the size of your BMX tube needs to match the size of your BMX tire. This is in terms of diameter and width. The most common tire diameter is 20 inches, so a 20 inch BMX tube would fit nicely here. The inner tube width is given as a range, for example, 1.70 - 2.5 inches. The tire width should be within this range, but if it is slightly narrower or wider than these measurements, it will still work.

When you are replacing your BMX tubes, it is worth checking on your tire to see its condition. Over time, they can lose traction or be susceptible to punctures. If you are thinking about getting new tires as well, then check out our collection - BMX Tires.

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