Rash Guards


Rash guard as an important part of your surfing session

A rash guard shirt can make your surfing way more pleasant and enjoyable. Lycra shirts with UV protection are available for men, women, and kids of all ages. In our wide assortment, you will find products that feature many designs and colors that will protect you from the sun.

A water shirt has built-in UV protection, due to the synthetic fibers that are elastic enough to pull the threads together so tightly that they block out UV radiation efficiently. Another benefit is, that a lycra shirt provides good protection from rashes and bruises during surfing, which is why they are called rash guard shirts.

A rash guard shirt with UV-protection and good fit

Not only does the surf tees provide optimal UV protection but the flexible material makes it stretch four ways, and the fabric is very fast drying - perfect for the beach.

The perfect fit makes them comfortable for wear both out and inside the water. So you don't need to compromise with the good looks to remain protected.

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