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XC Skeleton Trinity Nordic Skates

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Powerslide now presents the XC Skeleton with the unique Trinity frame setup. This is a 3-point setup that not only put you closer to the ground for great balance but also enhances power transfer. Besides that, you can adjust the mounting sideways and back and forth to make the best personal setup.

This model for the nordic cross skater is to be used with your regular footwear. Simply step in with your shoes and off you go. With the high supportive cuff and the 3 adjustable straps (two of them covered with padding), this boot will give a secure, good fit and hereby a good power transfer. The XC Skeleton Trinity is off road skating fun at it´s best!

The 150mm air tires have a max air pressure level of 7.0 bar / 100 PSI.

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I live in sunny Southern California and these arrived all the way from Denmark in less than a week which was so much quicker than the two weeks ETA! Packaging is top notch and build quality is superb and sturdy. It’s pretty warm here so ski season is only a limited window and quite often a trek to either Big Bear or Mammoth mountain. I bought these because I’m also an avid mountain biker that has plenty of great hiking trails around me. Riding the Trinity skates is so unbelievably cool, it definitely satisfies your inner adrenaline junkie. I bought the XC Trinity Skeleton specifically because I wanted to wear my regular shoes for three reasons, don’t want to sweat into a boot, I want to just be able to take these off and throw them in a duffle when I skate up to a McDonalds, I skip over streams when I skate trails so I Can clean my shoes no problem (boot not so much). I love riding these around the 3 mile Rose Bowl Loop in Pasadena.
Jonathan W. (Temple City)
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