Piese frânare BMX

Upgrade Your BMX Braking System

Here, you’ll find our overview of our different BMX braking products. You can choose between buying a whole new braking set, or just new pads and cables, or new brake levers.

Maybe it’s not the most exciting part that comes to mind when you think of your BMX, but hear us out, brakes are an important part of your setup. Not only are they a requirement to have installed when riding on the road in many countries, but they are also a useful for staying in control in general. If you’re a BMX racer, then it’s a requirement that you have a brake installed - the vast majority of racers will use a single rear V brake. With freestyle BMXs, usually it is possible to mount a V brake, a U brake, or a gyro brake, depending on the construction of your frame.  

While we’re on the subject of staying safe, head over to our BMX Protection category to find helmets, protection pads and more.

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