What Is Waveboarding? 

Waveboarding is a fun board sport that brings those surf vibes to the streets. With waveboarding, you ride on a waveboard, also known as a caster board or vigorboard, and it is a good way to practice surfing during the offseason.

Waveboarding can be done by riders of all ages, and is an enjoyable way to improve your balance and get a good cardio workout. The unique two-wheel design means you can do a range of things on your caster board. They can be used for cruising and carving, as well as tricks and stunts. 

How Do You Practice Waveboarding?

Riding a waveboard requires a different technique than riding a skateboard or longboard since your feet won’t be touching the ground. In the beginning, you might need to adjust the stance and practice your balance first, since you only have one wheel under each leg.

You move the board by propelling yourself. In this movement, either the back leg or both legs are rocked back and forth in a twisting motion. This will generate forward motion, and the more you wiggle, the more you gain speed.

You steer your waveboard with your front leg, pressing the front part of the board to the direction you wish to turn. If you wish to stop, you can simply press down your toes so the edge of the board touches the ground after the speed has slowed down.

You can find a video that demonstrates how to ride a waveboard in our Waveboard Instruction Guide.

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