Lithium Trotinetă Freestyle

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Root Lithium este o trotinetă freestyle ideală pentru trick-uri pe strada sau în skatepark. Ghidonul ultra-ușor din high modulus alloy este cu 50% mai puternic decât ghidonul din aliaj obișnuit. În plus, vei obține o experiență foarte bună atunci când faci spin-uri și în același timp trotineta va fi ușor de întreținut, mulțumită sistemului de compresie IHC.

  • Roți cu miez gol din aluminiu, care sunt foarte rezistente si super stylish
  • Dispunând de un profil plat, roțile tale au mai mult contact cu suprafața, rezultând într-o aderență mai bună și aterizări controlate

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Înălțime totală:
89cm (35")
Tip Compresie:
Diametru Roți:
Înălțime Ghidon:
610mm (24")
Lățime Ghidon:
580mm (22.8")
Tipul headset-ului:
Integrat 1 1/8"
Nivel abilități:
Model Furcă:
Aluminiu 6000 Series
Design Deck:
Dintr-o bucată
Lungime Deck:
52.5cm (20.7")
Lățime Deck:
12.2cm (4.8")
Headtube unghi:
Design Furcă:
Dintr-o bucată
Formă ghidon:
în formă de Y
Material Ghidon:
High Modulus Alloy
Ghidon Diametru exterior:
32mm (Regular)
Diamentru interior Ghidon:
Profil Roată:
Lățime Butuc Roată:
Material Miez:
Design Miez (core):
Diametru osie:
Precizie Rulmenți:
Nu este specificat
Frână tip:
Frână Flex Fender
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Recenzii   (47)

The scooter is smooth. Well built. And already holding up to the rigors of my daredevil 13 year old. Came packaged well and for the long shipping journey came timely as well no damage. Definitely pleased with the purchase. Coming from a skeptical person for on line purchases.
Joshua Crue (Glen Rock)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
All was good 👍
Anna Nesterenko (Winnipeg)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
This is not a very good scooter if you looking for a PRO SCOOTER. For at the park doing tricks this is not the scooter you looking for. But if you looking to just ride it around its a fantastic scooter.
Dion H.
Recenzie: 4 din 5!
Răspuns de la SkatePro:  Hey,
Thank you for your review! As mentioned in the specs, this Scooter was created for Street riding. Therefore it reaches its full potential outside the park ;) /Sarah
This scoot wasn’t as good as the native I bought. Wheels seem cheap.
William Curtis (Waldheim)
Recenzie: 3 din 5!
Răspuns de la SkatePro:  Hi William,

Thank you for your review.

Just as the price reflects the quality of the product, Native Stem model is better than Root Lithium. :)

Native stem scooter has an SCS compression system, which is very resistant and sturdy, offering a great performance. There should not be that big of a difference in wheels, but depending on the surfaces you ride it on and the stunts you perform, they can of course get affected or wear out accordingly.

If you need any advice or help in the future, you are always welcome to contact us.

Have a good day 😊
Excellent service and very quick and hassle delivery
Gareth Spurrier (Dublin)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
Grandson loves it he was really impressed couldnt wait to get out on it
Rosemary Appleby (Kettering)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
Purchased for My 11 year son as he was determined to have a pro scooter. The quality, design and robustness is second to none and fantastic value for money - Oh and he loves the kerb appeal. Skate pro certainly know what their customers are looking for and I recommend them as a first choice for anyone looking for a better quality of scooter.
Jeffrey bromage (Folkestone)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
I bought this for my eleven-year-old son as a Christmas present never having a pro scooter before he absolutely loves it and we spend a lot of time at the skatepark and it takes a lot of abuse couldn't be more happy what an excellent scooter I see it all over the Internet for a lot more then skatepro
Daniel Kumpf (Deltona)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
Ordered skooter and had it 2 days later great service and great value for money would recommend skatepro to all
Patrick Magee (Dublin)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
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