Universal Frâne Role Complet

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Un sistem de frânare care se potrivește la majoritatea patinelor în linie cu o formă curbată a cadrului. Fabricat din material rezistent, cu panouri laterale întărite și cu opțiune de ajustare a lățimii. Prin urmare, acest sistem se potrivește unei game foarte largi de patine - chiar și de la alți producători.

  • Se potrivește cadrelor cu roți cu dimensiuni de până la 100 mm
  • 2x axe de 30mm x 8mm incluse

Notă: Nu se potrivește tuturor cadrelor cu ax filetat. Deoarece filetul poate fi diferit de la o marcă la alta.

Placă de frână suplimentară vândută separat aici: Powerslide rubberpad

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Recenzii   (65)

These are brilliant on powerslide phusion radon skates. The axles that come with this product are even better than the originals. They are also easy to fit. A+++++
David Richard Grinyer (Ulceby)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
Great brake system with an easy universal application. I probably end up getting another one!
Mickey Romero (Arvada)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
These brakes are not universal; they don't even fit this company's own inline skates. The instructions to rotate the wheels, install the brakes, etc. are worse than Ikea instructions. The illustrations left me completely in the dark, and it appears that you're unscrewing the wheels to remove them, but dislodging or removing them is an Olympic task and strips all the finish off the sides of the wheels in the process. For products this expensive, the ownership and maintenance doesn't seem to be very user-friendly.
Shannon Sutton (Chicago)
Recenzie: 1 din 5!
Răspuns de la SkatePro:  Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback for this product.
This product fits a very wide range of skate frames, ut its a shame it didn't work as well for yours.
I'm sorry to see that this product was not the best suited for what you were after but if you are still having issues with this, please reach out so we can ensure to provide you with a solution or assistance to ensure you get what you're after!
Quick shipping and item easy to install
Cecily Salinas (New York)
Recenzie: 5 din 5!
Sorry to say the brake we ordered didn’t fit so we’re returning it. The package arrived complete.
Tina B. (Bromley)
Recenzie: 4 din 5!
I bought the wrong brake but it was also missing screws. I don’t think this was skatepro’s fault as I believe it was customs.
Lexi Echols (Kennesaw)
Recenzie: 3 din 5!
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