Longboards for Kids

Kids Longboards Are a fun way to Start Skating

If your child wants to take up skating then a great way to get them started is with a kids longboard. As the name implies, longboards are longer than skateboards and made in a wide variety of styles and designs. Rather than mastering tricks and stunts, the long design makes them really stable for cruising around the streets. For this reason, they are an enjoyable and safe way to begin skating, as well as a fun way to exercise and improve balance skills.

Many parents want to know what age their child can start longboarding. The reality is that there is no definitive age, although most will be older than 5 years old when they start. Of course, remember that younger riders will need supervision.

When searching for kids longboards, you may see the terms mini longboards, mini cruiser and small longboards also used. These boards are built to support the extra weight of adult riders but can also be used by children as well. 

What Size Longboard Is Best for Kids?

The most important decision to make regards to the longboard size is the length - this should be between 32 - 40 inches depending on their size. The taller they are, the longer their longboard deck should be. Getting the right size longboard is important - a board the wrong size will be harder to master and take the fun out of longboarding. In general, teenagers should be fine with regular-sized Longboards.

Remember that falling over is a part of the learning process, so it is important that your kid is wearing the right Skate Protection.

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