Cross Country Ski Wax

Should You Wax Cross Country Skis?

Yes! All cross country skis require wax and it’s essential for keeping your skis in good condition. You can never wax too much and the more often you wax then the better you will glide. Nordic ski wax comes in several types, glide wax, kick wax and klister wax. In this section, you will not only find ski wax kits but also ski tuning equipment to keep your xc skis in top shape.

Using glide wax will help you ski smooth and fast cross country. With glide wax, you have the option of choosing between a liquid, paste or solid wax bar. This style of wax is not just for cross country skiers, and is popular with a wide range of skiers and snowboarders.

The goal of kick wax is the opposite, and it is designed to give you the best grip on the snow. This is important to gain forward momentum when going along the trails. Similar to kick wax is klister wax. This is the stickiest type of wax available, and is generally applied during warmer temperatures or for use on snow that has melted and refrozen.

Why Is Ski Tuning Important?

It’s worth tuning your skis from time to time to keep them in good condition. As a result of tuning they will be more responsive, faster and grip the snow better. Depending on the level of work needed and your own experience, you can either do it yourself or get it done professionally. It’s impossible though to put an exact number on how often you will need to tune, as this depends on how frequently you ski.

If you decide to tune yourself, there are three steps to consider when tuning: base repair, edge work and waxing. If you’re unsure if they need tuning then check for holes and scrapes on the base of the skis. For edge work, examine the sides for any rust or rough edges.

To lower the risk of any damage when transporting your skis, or if you need a new bag to accompany you in the backcountry, then head over to our Bags for Cross Country Skiing category.

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